Eden Villa Resident’s Visit Erieau

The residents and some staff went out to Erieau in July 2017 to have their lunch and use the Wheelchair accessible mat and pavilion. It was a great experience that everyone in the group was able to experience with being able to walk out to the water safely, to breath in the smell of fresh air of Lake Erie, and even caught sight of some boats out on the water that day.

The tradition carried on, July 2018, new residents joined us on this adventure.

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October fun at Eden Villa

October presented as a month of fun… with many activities such as decorating the outside of the front entrance with mums, cornstalks and gourds of different shapes and colours to pumpkin carving by many residents with the assistanceof owner’s wife Alice, and myself, Sandee, Director of Care. Yes for anyone who came through the doors they found me with my sleeves rolled up , and my hands in the middle of the pumpkin cleaning out the inside.  Of course I had a great time … a little bit of pumpkin guck and a lot of smiles and conversation made the whole experience pleasurable. After the cleaning outof the pumpkins several of the women residents were given markers to drawfaces on the pumpkins and then Alice and I found ourselves with tools inhand cutting along the lines  and shaping these pumpkins into jack olaterns… each jack o lantern then was given a name and placed outside… for all to enjoy.

The following week we put our cookie making abilities to the test and again several of our residents came to the table and mixed the ingredients, rolled out the dough and cut the shapes in the dough… which then was bakedand later decorated and enjoyed by residents and families as the treat of the day.Did I mention that Eden Villa residents were surprised and amused Monday October 31, 2011 by a visit… from none other than MICKEY and MINNIE MOUSE… or on most days more commonly known as Sandee, Director of Care and Kelly, General ManagerYes I m sure that the North East corner of Chatham near Tecumseh Park was glowing from all the smiles and laughter from the residents faces… not one of them frowned nor scorned at us… especially as we turned to walk back to our offices with our tails trailing out behind us. Anyone who came to see us at Eden Villa that day left adorning a huge smile.

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101-year old woman makes her voice heard

Click here to learn about Chatham-Kent’s 101-year old voter, also an Eden Villa Retirement & Assisted Living resident.


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Hawaiian Luau BBQ

Wow… 8 months now that Eden Villa Retirement & Assisted Living facility has been up and running under new ownership and management. The facility that many call home, is located in a picturesque setting in Chatham, ON in a quiet neighbourhood near Tecumseh Park and the Cultural Centre. We have a small resident base of 16 residents at present time and continue to grow as do the challenges and rewards each day. The home is privately owned by London business owner, Jack Vanderweg.  Jack and his wife Alice are seen frequently around the home visiting, renovating and helping where ever they can.  The quiet, comfortable atmosphere offers care 24/7 through the very caring staff.

After 8 months our residents, staff and owners and their families were able to enjoy a Hawaiian Luau on Sunday August 21, 2011. There was music featured by Chris Osborne from Essex on the ukulele… playing his rendition of Hawaiian music which found several people tapping their toes, singing to the tunes and yes even dancing the Hula led by owner’s granddaughter, Eden.  Amongst those present in this dance formation was a 86 year old lady donning her homemade Moo Moo from when she was younger… assisted to the dance area by myself we had a great time … many laughs and hugs were had by all. After the much enjoyed food , we played games such as bowling with coconuts and water balloon toss and had prizes.  The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

To all who participated we are truly greatful and hope that this may become a yearly event.  Please stop by and enjoy the pictures displayed in our front entrance.



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Host site for Chatham-Kent Senior Games 2011

Eden Villa is proud supporters of the

September 1st, 2011 South Western Regional Senior Games.


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